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  arkiver e183dd0578 Update megawarc. 10 months ago
  Arkiver2 b3b55e58f1
Merge pull request #16 from ArchiveTeam/variable-quoting 10 months ago
  Arkiver2 ba1a541982 Replace space in ZST_DICTIONARY_API. 10 months ago
  Katie Holly 7ee94bb579
properly quote all variables 1 year ago
  km09 fc8fb7e90c
Add requests module 1 year ago
  km09 a624f9dec2
Make dockerfile valid 1 year ago
  arkiver a53947ae4d Use archiveteam megawarc repo. Install zstd packages. 1 year ago
  km09 a487eb74f1
docker support for zst dictionary 1 year ago
  arkiver 0bab30f0db Update megawarc submodule. 1 year ago
  arkiver e6f8a5d1be Support packing ZST megaWARCs. 1 year ago
  km09 a78330284e
Change formatting 1 year ago
  km09 aa636af8a1
Add details about offloader 1 year ago
  km09 b2b2645dd5
Fix newlines, and data location. 1 year ago
  Matt Iggo 960d8c99b1
Create docker-boot.sh 1 year ago
  Matt Iggo d498c8539b
Create Dockerfile 1 year ago
  km09 d65f4deaa2
Correct notorrent -> noarchivetorrent 1 year ago
  arkiver bb12e95de7 Do not create a .torrent file. 1 year ago
  km09 726ce05e67
Mention offload-multiple 2 years ago
  km09 ae78e479e3
Merge pull request #15 from Fusl/rsync-opts 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 716181cde8
Additional rsync options for better connection timeout handling + increase performance 2 years ago
  km09 e5f60948ba
Merge pull request #14 from Fusl/offload-target-list 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 4d588ae2cd
add config note for offload_targets file 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 99f3db9540
Attempting to make rsync transaction more atomic 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 6773df8eae
suppress grep output 2 years ago
  km09 9908cf1f7a
Merge pull request #13 from Fusl/offload-target-list 2 years ago
  Katie Holly c7461a8503
Allow specifying dynamic offload target list file instead of env var 2 years ago
  Christopher Foo 12fdba4837
Merge pull request #12 from Fusl/fix-offloader 2 years ago
  Katie Holly e5055f79e7
rsync empty files in offloader & skip non-existing tar files in uploader 2 years ago
  Arkiver2 0c4ed4bbdd
Merge pull request #9 from Fusl/offloader 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 3ad2e27bd9
Remove debug exit 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 455f576308
Add offload script 2 years ago
  Arkiver2 c39208e1fe Never overwrite file 2 years ago
  Arkiver2 73e8a75783
Merge pull request #8 from Fusl/master 2 years ago
  Katie Holly f88d14b2a2
Use timestamp and first 8 characters of UUIDv4 hex 2 years ago
  Katie Holly 8c4d44189d
use uuids instead of %Y%m%d%H%M%S stamps 2 years ago
  km09 923661847f
Add sleep between generating chunks. 2 years ago
  Christopher Foo 3c0f50a00d Merge pull request #4 from falconkirtaran/master 4 years ago
  Falcon Darkstar Momot aef1991483 Modify IA S3 URL to use https due to cleartext secret in Authorization: header 5 years ago
  Terry Wrist f45bab55ef Add megawarc as submodule 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist 553e85e70d Revert "Revert "alard/megawarc -> ArchiveTeam/megawarc"" 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist a7c0436cb1 Revert "Update config.example.sh" 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist a8cfebae66 Fix upload-one 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist 5849adf3f2 Revert "alard/megawarc -> ArchiveTeam/megawarc" 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist f3c57116c5 Update config.example.sh 7 years ago
  Terry Wrist fd95debed5 Update upload-one 7 years ago
  Ivan Kozik ca976f595b alard/megawarc -> ArchiveTeam/megawarc 7 years ago
  Ivan Kozik 71a36ba157 Merge pull request #1 from ludios/master 7 years ago
  Ivan Kozik 28ba3a7685 Make chunker much faster on big current/ directories by not du'ing it for every file 7 years ago
  Alard 8dc09b1e79 New script: du-all 8 years ago
  Alard 6aff44239a Grammar. 8 years ago