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Change formatting 3 years ago
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Add details about offloader 3 years ago
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Mention offload-multiple 4 years ago
  Terry Wrist 553e85e70d Revert "Revert "alard/megawarc -> ArchiveTeam/megawarc"" 9 years ago
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  Alard 8dc09b1e79 New script: du-all 10 years ago
  Alard 6aff44239a Grammar. 10 years ago
  Alard a5b2a3edbc ionice/nice suggestion. 10 years ago
  Alard 17432a0c86 Add to running instructions. 10 years ago
  Alard 1a1c099f46 Uniform -many/-multiple script names. 10 years ago
  Alard 7cfca95415 Move directory configuration to config file. 10 years ago
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  Alard ab92af2778 Readme tweaks. (Too much Latex.) 10 years ago
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