19 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  JustAnotherArchivist 68e9e9fbf5 Disable archive torrent 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 6a6dbe0eb7 Fix list parsing copy-paste typo 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist b21cf13886 Ignore book_op.php VirusCheck tasks 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 6c6e8281d5 Fix log_loop emitting an empty line on zero output 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 46f80a357b Shuffle FDs 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist ef0ba5ad54 Print little-things version on build 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 2c4493bf21 Remove uses of external `date` 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 50769d4d23 Parallel codearchiver processes 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 6fd569a577 Taint storage if any codearchiver process exited non-zero as it might cause parallel processes to rely on broken data 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist d9d087c2d3 Add more logging to uploader 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 0348458d4a Separate work and upload loop in preparation for parallel codearchiver processes 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 20cbbc8603 Fix log filename finder not checking for compressed files 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 28585742d3 Remove dead code 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 88bf5c56ff Add job timeout 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist a6b8fdaabc Fix a couple bugs 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 6d1927515b Use --write-artefacts-fd-3 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist 49d2a78590 Drop verbosity level to INFO 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist c5adeb66e5 Fix stripping of leading ./ on filenames 1 year ago
  JustAnotherArchivist acc4ab5a45 Initial commit 1 year ago