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A grab-site Docker image by JAA

Intended for use without a gs-server, so the WebSocket connection is disabled entirely.

docker build -t grab-site-jaa:latest .
docker run --rm -d -v $(pwd)/data:/data:rw grab-site-jaa:latest --1


This image includes support for grabbing through Tor:

  1. Create a Docker bridge network for connecting to an isolated Tor proxy image: docker network create --driver bridge --subnet tor
  2. Run a Tor proxy in that network with a specified IP, e.g. docker run -d --restart=always --name tor-socks-proxy --network tor --ip peterdavehello/tor-socks-proxy:latest
  3. Run this image while specifying the relevant environment variables: docker run --rm -d -v $(pwd)/data:/data:rw -e TORSOCKS_TOR_ADDRESS= -e TORSOCKS_TOR_PORT=9150 --network tor grab-site-jaa:latest --1