The little things give you away... A collection of various small helper stuff
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JustAnotherArchivist ca206e162e Disable deletion by default 1 month ago
.gitignore Add infrastructure for simple C-based tools 2 years ago
.make-and-exec Warnings are bad, mmkay? 1 year ago
.urldecode-test Get rid of Makefile for more control; add proper debug build support 1 year ago
.warc-dump-responses-test Add test for warc-dump-responses 6 months ago
.youtube-extract-rapid-test Get rid of Makefile for more control; add proper debug build support 1 year ago
LICENSE Initial commit 5 years ago Initial commit 5 years ago
alphabetseq Swap syntaxes 2 years ago
archivebot-blogspot Fix HTTPS handling 5 years ago
archivebot-compress-db Add archivebot-compress-db 5 months ago
archivebot-fix-queue-counters Fix TypeError 1 year ago
archivebot-high-resources Replace archivebot-high-memory with more capable archivebot-high-resources 5 months ago
archivebot-irccloud-paste Add archivebot-irccloud-paste 3 years ago
archivebot-jobid-calculation More snscrape helper tools 5 years ago
archivebot-jobs Not-so-new new ArchiveBot domain 1 year ago
archivebot-list-stuck-requests Fix line endings 5 years ago
archivebot-log-extract-ignores Add archivebot-log-extract-ignores 3 years ago
archivebot-monitor-job-queue First set of little things 5 years ago
archivebot-pipelines-count-jobs Add archivebot-pipelines-count-jobs 6 months ago
archivebot-youtube Add helper for AB/chromebot-ing YouTube channels and users 5 years ago
at-tracker-sample-user-item-size Add at-tracker-sample-user-item-size 2 years ago
azure-storage-list Add --jsonl option 2 years ago
b64grep Add b64grep 2 years ago
base64url Add base64url 2 years ago
bencode2json Add bencode2json 1 year ago
bing-scrape Fix extraction of search results 7 months ago
bugzilla-url-list Add Bugzilla URL list generator 2 years ago
cdx-chunk Add cdx-chunk 2 years ago
cloudflare-email-decode Add cloudflare-email-decode 2 years ago
combine-by-prefix Add combine-by-prefix 2 years ago
curl-ia Add header mode (e.g. for tasks API) 1 year ago
curl-ua Add IE6 UA 3 years ago
deb-repo-urls Fix deb file URLs 3 years ago
dedupe Another alternative and performance/memory comparison 3 years ago
dir-to-ia Disable deletion by default 1 month ago
europarl-meps-collect Add script for scraping MEP links from 5 years ago
extract-urls-for-archiveteam-projects Add wpull2-extract-ignored-offsite and extract-urls-for-archiveteam-projects 5 months ago
foolfuuka-search Better workaround for the 5000 results limit; works for FoolFuuka 2.0.1 and up 5 years ago
format-size Split out size formatting 5 years ago
fos-ftp-upload First set of little things 5 years ago
get-crx4chrome-urls First set of little things 5 years ago
github-list-repos Fix org listings not including archived repos 1 month ago
gitlab-list-repos Add support for other instances and full-instance listing 2 years ago Add support for password-protected folders 2 years ago
html-extract-stupid Handle 
 11 months ago
http-response-bodies Add http-response-bodies 1 year ago
http-response-bodies.c Fix extra LF between chunks 10 months ago
ia-cdx-search Fix error when no arguments are provided 1 year ago
ia-cdx-search-subdomains Fix URLs without a path 2 years ago
ia-derive Queue derives with `ia tasks` instead of this manual curl rubbish 2 years ago
ia-files-xml-to-jsonl Guarantee stable output order 3 years ago
ia-upload-progress Proper script for tracking size of uploaded data 5 years ago
ia-upload-stream Fix single-part upload 1 month ago
ia-verify-file Add a timeout to prevent potentially indefinite blocking 2 years ago
ia-wait-item-tasks Handle error tasks by exiting non-zero 1 year ago
iasha1check Fix output sometimes appearing after prompt 1 year ago Allow overriding the "remote filename" 5 years ago
kill-connections Handle processes with too many open connections 2 years ago
kill-wpull-connections Merge kill-wpull-connections repository into little-things 3 years ago
killcx-all-https First set of little things 5 years ago
mastodon-enumerate-users Enumerate users on a Mastodon instance 5 years ago
mastodon-outdated Finding outdated Mastodon instances 5 years ago
moinmoin-url-list Add moinmoin-url-list 5 months ago
parent-urls Refactor, strip query/fragment 3 years ago
pipelines-launch-in-tmux-windows First set of little things 5 years ago
pipelines-monitor-tmux-wget-outcomes Monitor how a pipeline's wget processes are faring 5 years ago
pipelines-stop-gracefully First set of little things 5 years ago
reddit-pushshift-search Add Bing, Reddit/Pushshift, and FoolFuuka scrapers 5 years ago
run-every-five-minutes First set of little things 5 years ago
s3-bucket-find-direct-url Add support for PermanentRedirect error responses 7 months ago
s3-bucket-list Enable line buffering on list URLs FD 8 months ago
s3-bucket-list-qwarc Add JSONL output option for S3 listing 2 years ago
snscrape-extract Add support for Twitter hashtag extraction 5 years ago
snscrape-facebook-user Silence by default 5 years ago
snscrape-instagram-user Silence by default 5 years ago
snscrape-prepare-commands Add support for Twitter hashtag extraction 5 years ago
snscrape-tmux Update tmux session commands 5 years ago
snscrape-twitter-filter Filter Twitter hashtag scrapes based on account scrapes 5 years ago
snscrape-twitter-hashtag Extract external links from Twitter 5 years ago
snscrape-twitter-user Extract external links from Twitter 5 years ago
snscrape-upload Print Instagram ignore immediately after upload instead of at the end 5 years ago
snscrape-vk-user Silence by default 5 years ago
snscrape-wiki-transfer-merge Helper tools for snscrape and the wiki pages 5 years ago
social-media-extract-profile-link Fix decoding of links on Facebook profiles 4 years ago
sum-sizes Avoid float roundtrip for integer values 6 months ago
tar-many-files-progress First set of little things 5 years ago
tcp-closer Add tcp-closer command 5 years ago
torrent-tiny Fix negative ints 1 year ago Handle HTTP/2 lowercase headers 3 years ago Switch to HTTPS 3 years ago
uniqify Add uniqify 5 years ago
uniqify-recent Add uniqify-recent 3 months ago
url-normalise Normalise domain name to lower-case before further processing 4 years ago
urldecode Add URL/percent decoding tool 2 years ago
urldecode.c Fix unused argc and argv error 1 year ago
urlsort Add urlsort 2 years ago
warc-dump-responses Add warc-dump-responses 1 year ago
warc-dump-responses.c Fix error when the terminating CRLFCRLF of a record is truncated 6 months ago
warc-peek Allow negative offsets to peek near the end of the file 1 year ago
warc-size Split out size formatting 5 years ago
warc-tiny Fix empty files being considered valid WARCs 10 months ago
website-extract-social-media Add support for Facebook /pages/category/Category/Name-ID URLs 4 years ago
wget-spider-estimate-size First set of little things 5 years ago
wiki-list-to-main Add ArchiveBot wiki list helper 5 years ago
wiki-recursive-extract-normalise Fix deduplication within each section processing 4 years ago
wiki-sections-sort Add wiki-sections-sort 4 years ago
wiki-website-extract-social-media Add script for automatic social media discovery 4 years ago
wpull1-parallel-progress-monitor First set of little things 5 years ago
wpull1-progress-monitor First set of little things 5 years ago
wpull2-extract-ignored Remove filtering of onsite URLs because it's unreliable 5 months ago
wpull2-extract-remaining Clean up wpull DB commands 3 years ago
wpull2-log-colourise Add wpull2-log-colourise 1 year ago
wpull2-log-extract-errors Treat NXDOMAIN and no A/AAAA record errors as ok 3 years ago
wpull2-requeue Error on unknown options 2 years ago
wpull2-url-origin Clean up wpull DB commands 3 years ago Use _type instead of key check hack 1 year ago
youtube-extract Exclude backslashes in channel patterns 1 year ago
youtube-extract-rapid Add youtube-extract-rapid 2 years ago
youtube-extract-rapid.c Add youtube-extract-rapid 2 years ago
youtube-filter-autogen-channels Add youtube-filter-autogen-channels 4 years ago
zstdwarccat Fix 'Dictionary mismatch' error when very small dicts are used because the temporary file isn't written to disk before zstdcat gets executed 2 years ago

Over the past few years, I’ve written and accumulated a number of useful little things to help with archival-related tasks. This repository collects them. I hope someone finds some of them useful.

License (applies to all programs in this repository)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see