archiving community contributions on YouTube: unpublished captions, title and description translations and caption credits
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YouTube Community Contributions Archiving Worker


This project is now complete, and we are working on sorting and finalizing the data. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Worker for the Save Community Captions project: Archiving unpublished YouTube community-contributions.

Lost? Click here to learn what this is all about!

Current Stats

See how much has been archived so far.


To run these tools you will need to supply session cookies (SSID,HSID,SID) see the tutorial for more details.

Primary Usage

Heroku️ (Minimal Setup! Minimal Maintenance!)

A wrapper repo for free and easy deployment and environment configuration, as well automatic updates every 24-27.6 hours is available. Deploy up to 5 instances of it to a free Heroku account (total max monthly runtime 550 hours) with no need for credit card verification by clicking the button below.


Archiving Worker

After completing the above setup steps, simply run


Docker image

Stable Docker Image:

docker pull fusl/ytcc-archive


docker container run --restart=unless-stopped --network=host -d --tmpfs /grab/out --name=grab_ext-yt-communitycontribs -e HSID=XXX-e SID=XXX -e SSID=XXX -e TRACKER_USERNAME=Fusl -e PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 fusl/ytcc-archive

Bonus Features

Export Captions and Titles/Descriptions Manually

This feature requires an older version of Get this file, Python 3, and the requests module (pip install requests). Then, simply run python3 followed by a list of space-separated YouTube video IDs, and all community-contributed captioning and titles/descriptions in all languages will be exported.

Discover Videos Manually

Simply run python3 followed by a list of space-separated YouTube video IDs and a list of discovered video, channel and playlist IDs will be printed, as well as whether caption contributions are enabled.